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19 Nov


Brazil-  Britney Spears may think twice before she decides to give a member of the audience an impromptu lap dance. While performing a concert in Brazil last night, the pop singer was bitten on the leg by a man attending the concert whom she spontaneously brought on the stage. The bewildered man had a strange look on his face, apparently unsure of what was happening to him.

Spears sang and gyrated in front of the man, teasing him in front of thousands of audience members, embarrassing him. She draped one stockinged leg around his head and the man, who began to hyperventilate, unexpectedly sunk his teeth into the diva’s calf.  Spears let out a high pitched screech that went unnoticed by the crowd, who must have assumed  it was part of the song.

Several crew members and arena personnel rushed onto the stage immediately after the incident to see if any medical aid was necessary, but the man was ok. He was given peroxide to rinse out his mouth and an ointment for his lips. A close call, but the young man seems to be fine.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have been delirious,” said the 28 yr old man who refused to reveal his name,”it must have been a defense mechanism that was triggered by my confusion from the smell of the cheap perfume and all those flashing lights. That was really stupid, I could have gotten really sick.”

The man will be quarantined at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro for observation for the next 48 hours to make sure that he hasn’t contracted anything infectious.