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22 Aug


The economy is in a downward spiral. Your investment portfolio looks more anemic each day. What can you do about it? Good question. I’m all ears.

I’m joking of course. I tease because I care. 

In times like these we all have to live a little more frugally, “cutting the fat” so to speak, where ever and when ever we can. Now please realize that when I say “we”, I really mean you.  I, of course, saw this coming five years ago, liquidated my assets and invested in gold. So let’s get back to you.

We need to come up with alternate and creative ways to curb our monthly spending by attempting to pay off debt and actually save money. Do you have any ideas, because I’m at a loss? There I go again, please forgive me. Of course I have an idea, quite a few in fact that will help us get through this economic crisis. (the use of “us” is the same as the use of “we” if you get my meaning.)

First- Leave your home as little as possible. Go to work, go to the bank to deposit your check, and come right home. Better yet, sign up for direct deposit.  No distractions. Distractions ultimately cost money. We can’t afford distractions in our lives right now.

Second- Get rid of any and all pets. Immediately! Open the doors and windows and release them back into the wild where they belong. Pets cost money. Pet rhymes with a word that could conceivably wipe out an already depleted bank account, and that word is vet, as in veterinarian. The life expectancy of a pet is approximately 9.4 years according to my calculations. The outlay of funds involved in the maintenance and preservation of a pet over  9.4 years adds up to thousands of dollars. Reading about pets is cheaper and the house will smell much better. The public library has numerous books about pets. Try Old Yeller.

Third-  Cut down on food costs. Lunch is overrated. Eat breakfast late and dinner early, thus making lunch obsolete. We can save $50-$70 a week by skipping the midday meal. Not only will our wallets thank us, but so will our belts. I don’t know about you but I can certainly afford to miss a meal or two.  A win-win. When we do make meals, make meals that will last for days, not just one night. This will help cut the grocery bill down by 30-40%  per week. Stay away from the seafood counter at the local supermarket, shellfish is expensive and does not reheat well. A meal like that is one and done and is not financially prudent at this time.  Chili, soups, casseroles, these are the types of meals that can be stretched on tight budgets like ours. I’m not qualified to give nutritional advice, but stew may be your new best friend.

Fourth- Garage sales and ebay listings are easy ways to earn quick cash. If you don’t have a lot of items for a decent sized garage sale, it would be in your best interest to acquire some from your neighbors and relatives. A power washer here or an evening dress there. Borrow them, wait a bit until they are forgotten about and then tag them and sell them. What’s the old adage- Possession is nine tenths of the law? Plead ignorance, it’s done in business all the time. It’s called being enterprising and resourceful. Don’t just think outside the box, sell the box, and whatever may have been accidentally left inside it.

Tough times call for tough measures.

So remember- come right home, warm up that stew for the fourth night, list a few items on ebay and curl up with that library copy of Marley & Me. We will ride out this storm together and we will be just fine. Money is not everything after all, although it really is ashame that you didn’t invest in gold a few years ago. We would have been leaving tomorrow on a 3 week cruise of Europe together. Too bad.