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Sadly, Leprechaun Porn is a Thing

19 Feb

You’re probably wondering what you’re looking at. Let me try and explain. A new rage that is catching on in some backrooms and sub-cellars in the underbelly of our country is called Leprechaun Porn. It is not pretty. It is not sexy. Some might disagree.

Certain leprechauns like Seamus Witt O’Toole (pictured) are offering their images for your viewing pleasure. Not turned on by a 2 foot tall naked ginger showing off his alabaster epidermis and fire crotch? Seamus O’Toole has something to say to you.

“Women folk cn’not resist me charms. They turn to jelly when they sample me wares.”

In this voyeuristic world we’re living in it was only a matter of time before these mischievous sprites joined in.  Is this the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? If so, it’s not worth as much as we once thought. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to remove my eyeballs. DD  (Laszlo Ferrar reporting)